MM Steel Service Center Corporation Receive MISI President’s Award

It was announced at the MISI General Meeting in Tokyo, Japan on June 1, 2018 that MM Steel Service Center Corporation received the MISI President’s Award this year. Mr. Kaneda, President and CEO of MISI, commended the company.

The MISI President’s Award was introduced to advance the MISI group’s corporate values by motivating all MISI Group people. The MISI affiliates Administration Department nominated MMSS for the award and the MISI Management Committee approved them.

The MISI President’s Award has an emphasis on:

  1. The company’s ability of managing the changes in the business environment such as market and currency fluctuations and on
  2. The company’s continuous growth through its steady and daily business improvement activities.

Since not only large size group companies but also small and medium size group companies have an opportunity to receive the award, it is anticipated to motivate all the MISI group people.

MMSS accomplished 3 straight years of earnings growth achievement.

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